We expert to provide individual & group assessment for selection & development. Our project consists of Regular Selection, Competencies Assessment (including Assessment Center), Managerial & Leadership Assessment and also Student Assessment.


Our Assessment Services

Psychological Test including Intelligence Test, Work Attitude Test, Personality Test and Interview

Assessment Methods as Behavioral Simulation, Behavioral Event Interview (BEI) and Assessment Center.

Mix Method between Psychological Test and Competencies Assessment to measure Managerial & Leadership potencies & competencies.

We expert to provide individual & group assessment for student to determine Personality, IQ, aptitudes, interests, competencies and learning problem diagnosis

Our Assessment Process

For support our best assessment result, we don’t offer just only the common methods and format for general position, but we also offer adjustment of reporting format and design depend on Customer’s need and also adjustment standards of potencies, competencies & measurement methods according to target position.

Kharisma Assessment Center

Kharisma Assessment Center is one of the assessment methods to measure managerial competencies recognized with the highest level of accuracy at this time because it uses multiple methods and multi assessors.

Why Assessment Center ?

1. High Accuracy (Multi Methods & Multi Assessor with Standardization).
2. Measure job-related behavior to define managerial competencies of Target Job.
3. Identify Future Manager.

Assessment Center Process

When use Assessment Center Method ??

  • Candidates Selection

  • Job Mutation / Promotion

  • Development Plan

  • Succession Planning

Kharisma Student Assessment

We expert to provide individual & group assessment for student. Our project consists of Psychological Test, Behavioral Simulations, Student Learning Problem Diagnosis and Feedback Counseling to determine IQ, Aptitudes, Interests, Personality, Competencies and Learning Problem Diagnosis.

The difference between
Psychological Tests & Behavioral Simulations

Psychological Tests
Psychological Tests

Psychological Tests are written, visual, or verbal evaluations administered as objective and standardized measure of a sample of behavior to assess a psychological construct such as IQ, Aptitudes, Interests, Personality, etc. Psychological Tests are used for the purpose of determining student majors, student talents and interests, student personality, etc.

Behavioral Simulations
Behavioral Simulations

Behavioral Simulations are methods used with the imitating of some situation or some process to demonstrate emergent behavior that will be able to describe the actual behavior, such as roleplay, student group discussion, etc. Behavioral Simulations are used to measure Student Competencies, such as Adaptability, Decision Making, Relationship Building, etc.